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Home care in Chislehurst

Looking for home care in Chislehurst is a task that you may be embarking on. The importance of excellent home care is significant, ensuring that you are supported and uplifted by your care worker, offering help around the home that you may need. With Verilife as your home care agency, you will be offered any kind of support you require, from helping you with your morning routine including personal hygiene, to being your companion on a social trip around Chislehurst. One of our key priorities when providing high-quality home care is ensuring that we are the necessary support needed for our clients to maintain their lifestyles. We encourage independence, allowing you to retain your current routines. To benefit from excellent home care in Chislehurst, contact us on 020 3141 9290.

Benefit from our home care services in

What you choose to use your home care in Chislehurst for is entirely up to you. You have the control, so anything you require, and our care workers will make sure they provide for you. Independence is extremely valuable for our clients in and around Chislehurst, and so we offer the support they need whilst allowing them the space to practice their usual routines. We can offer anything, from these duties to the more personal requests:

  • Incontinence care
  • Complex care
  • Companionship as well as social trips
  • Laundry and cleaning
  • Shopping
  • Nutritional advice
  • Supervision with medications and collecting prescriptions
  • Collecting your pension
  • Cooking and food preparation
  • Care in personal hygiene

Home care in Chislehurst

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For home care in Chislehurst that supports clients within the comforts of home, contact Verilife on or call 020 3141 9290.

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Organising care at home in Chislehurst: Where to start

Have you been wondering about the process of organising home care in Chislehurst? Your professional care could start almost immediately once you make a start, so don’t delay any further.

Get in contact with us at Verilife by calling 020 3141 9290 or email Our team will discuss what you need with you.

An initial consultation will allow us to discuss with you whether you will need home care or complex care.

A follow up meeting will be arranged. This is where we get to know you in depth, allowing us to tailor your care package to your personality and your needs.

A risk assessment will need to be carried out, so that our care workers are aware of anything you could be susceptible to.

Your home care in Chislehurst can begin as soon as you and your care agency decide, following your personal care plan that we develop.

Complex care : What we offer

If you have a medical condition or complication, you might be wondering how home care is different for you. We can care for a range of medical conditions, ensuring your needs are met both emotionally and physically.

Complex care could be needed if you have one or more of these conditions, which require further support on the day to day within your care package. Our care workers at Verilife are highly qualified, even having registered, experienced nurses within our team who can offer their help and advice. We allow you to maintain your independent lifestyle, whilst receiving extra support within your home in Chislehurst. In our opinion, you shouldn’t have to leave your home if that’s not your wish.

Verilife: Your reliable

Verilife will guarantee a high standard of care when you work with us. Each of our care workers is very invested in the care they provide within Chislehurst, treating clients like family and getting to know them personally.

Personal approach

We place emphasis on the personal side of home care. We look after every client with their needs and preferences in mind, showcasing respect and empathy even in difficult situations.

Empathy and compassion

Our care workers complete each day with compassion and empathy at the forefront of their minds. It’s one of the things we pride ourselves on the most, providing a personal service in Chislehurst.

keepRetain independence

Our clients’ independent lifestyles are very important to them. One of the benefits of home care, and something we ensure, is that you can receive excellent care whilst still living the life you created.

Services tailored to you

Our services are fully flexible, meaning that you can tailor them to your preferences, and to your budget. You can alter the duration of your visits and when they are, according to your schedule.

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Your home care in Chislehurst will be a positive experience with Verilife. For peace of mind that your care will be empowering, contact us on or call 020 3141 9290.

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