How to organise domiciliary
care [a guide]

The world of domiciliary care can seem difficult to get into. There is a lot of information available, but after sifting through it you might still be wondering how you start to organise domiciliary care, either for yourself or for a family member. With this guide, you’ll know everything you may need to know about starting the home care process.

Determine what you

You should first consider what you need from your domiciliary care. This may determine which care agency you decide to partner with. If you have a health condition that requires medical attention at home, such as cancer care, nursing care may be what you need. If you are looking for home care to assist you with the laundry or food preparation, domiciliary care will be for you. You should also take into account how you will pay for your care, ensuring that the agency you choose fits in with your budget.

Research your care

By researching your care agency, you can be sure that they offer everything that you’re looking for. The quality of care that you will be receiving is extremely important and doing thorough research will allow you to be sure that you are making the right decision. You can conduct your research by looking at their website, reading testimonials, and finding out about individual experiences. Knowing that other people are satisfied with their personal care service is proof that the care agency is trustworthy and valued in the community.

Get in

After your research is done and you’ve decided to take the plunge, all that’s left to do is get in touch! Registering your interest with the care agency will kickstart the process, ensuring that you’ll be able to benefit from care at home in no time. It is also possible for you to get in touch on behalf of someone else – a family member for example. The initial enquiry doesn’t have to be from the person who will be receiving care. Once you have spoken to a member of the team, you can start the consultation process.

Conduct an

You will be asked to have an initial consultation with your care agency. This will allow you to be sure of the decision you have made, meeting with care workers in person and building up a rapport. In this consultation, the agency will be able to go through the care services that would be applicable for you. They will also get to know your requirements so they can develop a personal care plan. Using the information they gather, they will be able to match you with the care workers who will be provide your domiciliary care, ensuring this is an effective partnership.

It’s incredibly important that you are confident in your care agency decision. Your care worker will be in your home frequently, and a positive relationship between you will result in unbeatable care. At Verilife, we’re proud of the gold standard of care that we provide. Our care workers are compassionate, experienced, and support you while you are living independently. To talk through your requirements, contact us at or call 020 3141 9290.

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