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Verilife is the care agency for you if you need support during your daily life. Our home care services offer care to a standard that can’t be beaten, from care workers who are passionate about helping others. Find out more about us and why we do what we do, as well as learning how you could benefit from our services.


Explore how we came to be, along with what makes us care so much about our industry.

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Our management team is what keeps us efficient.
We have passion for providing support to those who need it.

The quality of our care

Our quality of care covers the standards that we promise you, drawing on our core values as a company.

Quality of care


Hear about what people have said about our care services. Their excellent reviews reflect the quality of our work.



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Discover how our pricing operates, working within your budget to provide care services that meet your needs.


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We work all over London, covering areas such as Bromley and Westminster. Find out the areas we can provide care within.

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To get in touch with our experienced team and discuss your care requirements, contact us at hello@verilife.co.uk or call 020 3141 9290.

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