How do I choose the suitable care provider for my parents?

When you start looking for a care worker for your parents or loved ones, the options can seem overwhelming. Perhaps you’ve tried caring for your parent for as long as possible, but the time required can seem overwhelming. Home care can offer your loved ones the support they need whilst allowing them to maintain their independence. It also awards you the peace of mind that your parent or relative is being cared for to an impeccable standard. Here’s a guide on what to look for when selecting care:


Allowing your parents or relatives flexibility will mean they can retain as much independence as possible. With private care, the number of hours of care your loved one receives is entirely up to them, and the tasks carried out during this time are in their control. It’s even possible to save up hours to use for a social trip if you wish. This autonomy is vital to those in need of care and it’s something that a flexible approach can ensure.

A care agency

Many people don’t qualify for financed social care from their local council, so private care is often a popular option. It’s essential to look for care agencies that allow flexibility within your budget, avoiding the need for financial support further down the line. We suggest that you search for a care agency that offers flexibility for visit times and duration, which means that your budget will stretch further.

Assess the level of care needed

There are many types of care that your family member could benefit from. The care they will receive should reflect their needs and ability to carry out tasks themselves. If it’s the case that their mobility is becoming worse, home care will allow them to live their own lives and remain independent, whilst also having a helping hand for support. If they have multiple medical conditions and find it challenging to look after themselves, complex care services could help them. Find a care worker that provides the amount of care that is needed in your situation.

Search for

In the care industry, experience and qualifications are incredibly important. Care workers must be qualified, achieving a care certificate to ensure they provide your elderly parents with excellent care. The care agency must be registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), proving a stellar standard of work. Having experience working in a caring capacity ensures that your care worker will be able to tailor their approach effectively to your parent’s needs.

A successful partnership

Spending so much time together, the partnership between an individual and care worker should resemble a friendship. Choose an agency that carefully matches people together so that care and support can be tailored to each individual’s needs. A care worker who is well matched to those in their care will complement them and their lifestyle.

An empathetic

Above all, an empathetic approach from the care agency is the most important thing. Some aspects of care can be challenging to adjust to, and requirements will develop over time. This means there are sometimes difficult conversations that care workers are present for. It’s imperative that people feel respected and supported, and this is exactly what care agencies intend to do. Make sure you choose a care provider that values compassion and empathy.

At Verilife, we prioritise having flexible services so that people can take control of their care. We frequently collaborate with support networks, working with them to provide the care that individuals may need. For excellent, varied services that can work for your budget, contact Verilife on or call 020 3141 9290.

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