What is nursing care?

During your search for home care you may have come across nursing care. This is the kind of support you may need if your condition is more complex. Medical aid may even need to be administered. Nursing care allows someone to stay in the comfort of their home, even if their health condition is complicated. The help they receive will be administered by a registered nurse, ensuring that the standard of medical care is exemplary, even though it is delivered in a comforting home environment rather than a traditional medical setting.

What is the difference between

The main differences between nursing care and domiciliary (home) care are the types of conditions that can be cared for effectively and the tasks that can be carried out. Every medical need you could have will be taken care of by an experienced nurse, ensuring that you receive the same quality of care that you would elsewhere. Some of the medical tasks that can be carried out effectively during nursing care include:

  • Wound care
  • Injections
  • Vaccinations
  • Enemas
  • Administering and supervising medication

For people who need nursing care, this approach provides the medical care that they need to continue living at home. Nursing care could allow you to remain independent whilst having your medical conditions managed by a trained professional.

Why would you

You may require nursing care if you have a condition that needs medical care from a qualified nurse. This may differ from complex care, which can cater for conditions such as dementia and stroke rehabilitation. Nursing care can be the option you need to manage health difficulties such as cancer care and perhaps even end-of-life care. Nursing care can be used on a short- or long-term basis, whether this is for recovery after a medical procedure or ongoing healthcare to guarantee your health at home.

How do I know if I need nursing care?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know if you need nursing care or home care. Nursing care may not be necessary if you don’t have medical needs that need to be attended to every day. Instead, the support of experienced care workers as part of complex home care may be enough to ensure your requirements are met. Complex home care can care for people with conditions such as dementia, supporting them and optimising their homes to prioritise their safety. It can also be used to manage mental health difficulties and combinations of health conditions. To find out if you would need nursing care, you should discuss your requirements with your GP for expert advice.

What are the benefits of

Nursing care in the comfort of your home can provide you with so many benefits, allowing you to receive the care you need in a familiar and comforting environment.

The comfort of
your own home

Leaving your home can be distressing, especially when it includes going into a hospital. The type of care service that nursing care can offer you will mean that you can remain in the comfort of your own home whilst still benefitting from the support of experienced health professionals. Relaxing in your home may even help to soften the discomfort of your health condition.

Less chance of

Hospitals are busy places with lots of vulnerable people, and the risk of infection can be high. By remaining in your own home, you could reduce the risk of developing a complication during your recovery or as part of the care you receive for your condition. Living for years in your own home also means that you are used to the surroundings and your body may find it easier to heal in this familiar environment.

The control is
in your hands

One of the biggest benefits of at-home nursing care is that you can have control over the process. With dedicated nurses providing your care, you’ll be able to get to know them and could express your wishes more easily than if you were in a hospital. As the care is taking place within your own home, you’ll have the opportunity to maintain your routines and independence.

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