Shielding family

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During the COVID-19 pandemic we were asked to help a 100-year-old client, Irene, as her family members were clinically vulnerable and had to shield themselves from the virus. After an initial consultation with Irene, her daughter, and the daughter’s husband, it was agreed that we would help by purchasing and putting away her shopping and doing her laundry. This approach allowed us to build up a complete picture of her needs, ensuring that the home care we offered was able to meet these effectively.

Over time, additional support became necessary. Irene had started to hallucinate at night and her distress and disorientation was having an impact on her neighbours. As neither Irene nor her family wanted her to move away from the home she loved so much, we offered our assistance. By working closely with her doctor and occupational therapist, we were able to help her manage her symptoms and rearranged the furniture in her room. This ensures that, if there is noise at night, it doesn’t affect the neighbours and allows her to continue to feel comfortable living independently.

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