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We worked closely with Arthur and his family to ensure that he could live at home in the environment where he felt comfortable after leaving the hospital. We were asked to assist him with his medication, to help him to navigate his home, and to be present at all times. To check that we had a complete understanding of his requirements, we arranged several assessments with him and his family to gather the information our team needed. This included a risk assessment of the property to ensure that everyone could be kept safe at all times.

Arthur’s requirements developed considerably whilst we were supporting him, shifting from three visits per day with a single care worker to all these visits being double-handed due to his manual handling requirements. Eventually, 24-hour care was determined to be necessary as he began to suffer from severe night-time delirium. This can be disorienting and distressing, so it was decided that a care worker should always be present to ensure that he felt supported. By maintaining close communication with Arthur’s family, we ensured that we catered to all his needs and kept safe within his home. Our team were able to provide compassionate end-of-life care as his condition worsened.

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