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Working as a care worker combines the best of both worlds, working independently and being supported by a wider team. At Verilife, we value our care workers and do everything we can to support them throughout their careers. Learn more about our approach and see what you can expect when working as part of our team.


Our approach to training ensures that you will have access to regular opportunities to develop your skills and understanding. We’re determined to support you throughout your career so that you can provide people with the best possible quality of care.

Specialist training

Home care is a complex subject, and people’s needs can develop and change over time. We understand this and are happy to offer additional training courses when the need arises. This includes training on specific conditions, such as dementia, which will benefit you throughout your daily care schedule.

Acclimatising to your role

From the moment you join the Verilife team, we will ensure that you are fully supported in your role. This includes training you on the softer skills that will make all the difference to people, such as preparing a full English breakfast or egg and soldiers. You’ll feel comfortable meeting all the expectations of your clients.

Career advancement

If you’re looking for opportunities to further your career, we will provide you with the training that you need to do so. We’ve invested in a qualified trainer who can help you to earn your Level 3 qualification to work as a supervisor and Level 5 qualification to work as a manager. You can rest assured that we’re committed to your success.


A varied and balanced workload will allow you to thrive within your role. We make this a priority for all our care workers, ensuring that your schedule is designed to complement your caring responsibilities and personal life.

Flexible working

We aim to create the best possible matches between our care workers and the people they care for. As well as partnering people who get along, this means making sure that you’re the right fit for their requirements. Your visit times will be tailored to their needs, allowing you to develop a schedule that lets you balance your professional and personal routines. Flexible working patterns are often overlooked as a benefit of being a care worker.


Creating successful relationships between people and their care workers is our priority. To enable this, we focus on consistency so that you can get to know the people you work with, their requirements, and their routines. As a result, many of these partnerships develop into genuine friendships that will add an additional sense of satisfaction to your role.


You will receive clear feedback about your performance during supervisions. This allows you to discuss your role with a supervisor, identifying any areas you may want additional support in or that you may wish to develop further. To reward excellent performance, we operate a bonus scheme that is attached to appraisals. Any compliments you receive are always acknowledged, ensuring that your achievements are recognised without fail.

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If you’re interested in joining the team at Verilife, call 020 3141 9290 or email to speak to a member of our team. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can support you in your career and ensure you make the most of your role.