Improving your
sleep quality [a how-to]

As age increases, it’s not unusual for sleep quality to unfortunately decrease. This can be frustrating, and tiredness can lead to further problems such as balance issues – the last thing you want is a fall! There are a variety of things you can try in order to get a sleep routine that works for you, encouraging you to get enough of the good quality sleep you need to function well throughout the day. Here are our top tips that you may have been searching for:

Our top tips for

There are a series of tips that we recommend for helping you to establish a sleep routine. Routine is incredibly important when it comes to sleep, especially with timings.

Tip 1.
Establish a routine

Establish a routine. You should ensure that you try and go to bed and get up at the same time every day. This routine helps to reinforce your circadian rhythm (physical, mental and behavioural changes in a 24-hour cycle), and encourages your body to run efficiently.

Tip 2.
Avoid laying in

Although sleeping in seems luxurious, it can often be unhelpful to your sleep routine. This can sometimes mean that you can’t sleep until later that evening, which contradicts tip 1. Oversleeping can also cause you to be more tired, and is linked to a number of health problems.

Tip 3.
Leave the screens out of the bedroom

Screens such as laptops and TVs provide great entertainment, but the light they radiate can often prevent good sleep. Try to stop using any screens about half an hour before you plan to go to sleep. To help you do this, it’s a good idea not to have a TV or laptop in your bedroom.

Tip 4.
Avoid caffeine and evening exercise

Caffeine and exercise in the late afternoon stimulate you to stay awake, which is the last thing you need when establishing a routine! Try not to have caffeine past the mid-afternoon. Exercise releases endorphins, causing extra energy. Avoid late exercise to make you tired by the evening.

Tip 5.
Ensure your bed is as comfortable as possible

There’s nothing worse than trying to get to sleep when there’s a spring sticking in your back from your mattress! Making sure you have a comfortable bed is imperative to improve the quality of your sleep. A good quality, comfortable bed will also make sure it doesn’t cause you back pain.

Tip 6.
What if I wake up in the night?

It’s common to sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, but how do you get back to sleep? It’s important not to go on screens when you wake up, and don’t do anything too strenuous like housework. Reading a book or listen to the radio for around 20 minutes, and then try to sleep again.

Improving the quality of your sleep can be a work in progress, and you shouldn’t expect things to get better overnight. If you’re really struggling with sleep quality, this is something you should speak to your GP about, as they may be able to suggest more ways for you to explore when it comes to getting to sleep more easily.


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