Daily activities to reduce the risk of dementia

As the years go on, it seems as though dementia and Alzheimer’s has become more and more spoken about. It is good to bring awareness to the conditions that impact memory and brain functioning, and knowing more about these things can help identify the signs at an early stage. There are also steps that can be taken in order to try and prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, in an attempt to reduce the risk of developing it later in life. If you’re interested about what activities this could include, keep reading.

Regular exercise

Studies have shown that regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing dementia. Aerobic exercise in middle aged adults and older adults can help the brain with its memory function and also improves thinking. This type of exercise doesn’t have to be too strenuous – anything to increase your heart rate will be helpful in preventing the onset of this disease.

Keep a healthy and balanced diet

We know that the unhealthy foods are the ones that are the most satisfying, but healthy foods are the ones that are going to help promote optimal brain functioning. Getting your five a day through the forms of fruits and vegetables will ensure that you are benefitting from the required nutrients. If you receive home care, your care worker will be able to ensure you are getting nutritious meals.

Don’t smoke or overindulge in alcohol

Smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol has been linked to the development of dementia, especially in elderly men. An increase in smoking and drinking has plentiful negative health impacts, and the risk of developing dementia in later life is one of these. Cutting down the consumption of tobacco and alcohol should promote good health and protect your body.

Stay mentally active with brain exercises

Brain exercises promote an increase in brain activity. This could consist of the reduction of brain cell damage and also support the growth of new nerve cells. As well as being good for your brain, these exercises and games can also be a lot of fun to enjoy with family or your care worker. Brain exercises to prevent dementia could include:

  • A sudoku exercise per day – these can be found in the daily newspaper or books can be purchased with plenty of them inside
  • Writing frequently – this could be a creative short story or even just a diary, but the regular use of written words could be helpful
  • Playing card games – this could include board games, and as well as being a fun activity to enjoy with family and friends, it can build mental capacity and encourage problem solving
  • Play online memory games and video games – memory games which are specifically designed to test your memory can be found online, helping the health of your brain

If you are interested in ways to prevent or reduce the risk of developing dementia later in life, you can get in touch with our care workers for more tailored advice. Our care team is also proficient in optimising your home to cater to a dementia diagnosis, ensuring your safety. To get in touch with our Verilife team, email us on hello@verilife.co.uk or call 020 3141 9290.

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